Become a House Member

If you would like to become a member of the Titirangi Community House please read the following and complete and return the following Membership Form  to

All member applicants must complete and sign any application form.

Every new member shall provide the Titirangi Community House (Society) with their legal name and contact details (including postal address, telephone number(s), and any email address and promptly advise the Titirangi House Manager of any changes to those details.

The Titirangi Management Committee may accept or decline a membership application. The Committee must advise the applicant of its decision (but is not required to provide reasons for that decision).

All Members (including Committee Members) shall promote the interests and purposes of the Society and shall do nothing to bring the Titirangi Community House into disrepute.

Membership does not confer on any Member any right, title, or interest (legal or equitable) in the property of the Society.

A Member is only entitled to exercise the rights of membership (including attending and voting at Annual General Meetings and accessing or using the Society’s premises, facilities, equipment, and other property) if all fees have been paid to the Society by their respective due dates.

The Titirangi Management Committee may decide what access or use Members may have of or to any premises, facilities, equipment, or other property owned, occupied, or otherwise used by the Society, including any conditions fees for such access or use.

Ceasing to be a member

A Member ceases to be a Member:

  • by resignation to the Manager (Secretary)

Obligations on resignation

A Member who resigns or whose membership is terminated under these Rules:

  • remains liable to pay any outstanding fees to the Society’s by due dates,
  • shall cease to hold himself or herself as a Member of the Society


Becoming a member again

Any former Member may apply for re-admission in the manner prescribed for new applicants and may be re-admitted only by resolution of the Committee.

However, if a former Member’s membership was terminated following a dispute resolution process, the applicant may be re-admitted only by a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Titirangi Management Committee.